Behind Every Communication, There’s a Writer

Today, with computers, netbooks, tablets, and smart phones, which enable you to quickly type out a few words and press “send” or “save,” it’s easy to overlook the proficiency necessary to compose a communication.

To write requires language, composition, grammar and typing skills. Great writing, however, which incites emotions, moves customers to pick up the phone and call, imparts valued information, or simply makes someone smile, takes skill, persistence, and most importantly, rewriting!

Author James Michener once said, “I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter.”

scribbles employersFor over twenty years, I’ve been writing, rewriting, and refining marketing communications for a range of organizations as an employee and freelance writer,  scribbles. My “employer cloud” includes advertising agencies, multi-national enterprises, small technology start-ups, and non-profit and community organizations.

After a ten year hiatus, working for Intel, Dell, and Microsoft, I’ve decided to dust off scribbles, give it a fresh look, and once again apply my writing skills to create memorable communications – whether a contributed article, brochure, press release, presentation, messaging brief, or marketing plan.

I look forward to helping you with your communication needs. Send me a note at or call 360-770-0844!

My “communication cloud” above includes from top left to right: Direct mail flyer (Dell), data sheet (GemStone Systems), newsletter (The Tyee Group), advertisement (Etnus), web banner (Microsoft Learning), web page (Intel Home Computing), web page (Dell), promotional newsletter (scribbles), web banner (Microsoft Learning), contributed articles (Dell), advertisement (Downstream Studios), promotion (The Bernhard Agency), sales training aide (Dell), and demo CD (iMove).