Behind Every Communication, There’s a Writer

The ease in which you can type out a few words on today’s computers, tablets, and smart phones, and then press “send” or “save” makes it easy to overlook the proficiency necessary to compose a effective communication – whether a 140-character tweet or lengthy white paper.

To write requires language, composition, grammar and typing skills. Great writing, which incites emotions, moves customers to pick up the phone and call, imparts  or simply makes someone smile, takes skill, persistence, and most importantly, rewriting!

Author James Michener once said, “I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter.”

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Employee Cloud

For over twenty years, I’ve been writing, rewriting, and refining marketing communications for numerous companies as an employee, contractor, or  freelance writer,  scribbles.

My “employer cloud” includes advertising agencies, multi-national enterprises, small technology start-ups, non-profits, and community organizations. In these roles, I’ve written and oversee the development of launch, sales, and training materials, advertisements, online banners, executive presentations, contributed articles, white papers, press releases, videos, and social media posts

I look forward to helping you with your communication needs. Send me a note at or call 360-770-0844!

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My “communication cloud” includes collateral, web pages, advertisements, and more for Microsoft (Learning, ISRM, Kinect for Windows, partner teams, and SQL marketing), Dell, Intel, Fluke (Biomedical, Instruments Groups, and Amprobe), Lionfish Creative, The Bernhard Agency, The Tyee Group, and scribbles.


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