Two Words to Delight or Disgust

On paper, the ultimatum “make my day,” as spoken by an incensed, gun-toting Clint Eastwood, is ho-hum unless proceeded by a paragraph or two of context. When the paragraph describes a man on his knee, begging his true love to “make his day” by accepting his hand in marriage, the ultimatum turns into an entreaty.

Many words and phrases, whether on paper or spoken, invoke the same emotions. Take for instant, “totally fried.”

Without too much imagination, you can hear oil bubbling and crackling in a super-heated vessel. You can smell what was last cooked. And you might lick your lips, thinking about hot-out-of-the-pan French fries, onion rings, chicken nuggets, shrimp or fish.

The appeal of fried food was taken to a new level at the “Totally Fried” booth at the Puyallup [Washington] Fair. Some of the offerings were expected, such as the deep fried Snickers, Twinkies, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Others make you wonder how they were produced, like the deep fried chocolate covered bacon, ice cream, and macaroni ‘n cheese.

The deep fried frog legs and Rocky Mountain oysters (bull testicles) made me cringe. The latter being served with stone ground mustard and horseradish sauce.

New to the menu was deep fried bubble gum (would you want to blow bubbles with something that tasted like grease), Kool Aid (can’t imagine how this is produced), and butter (flavored with cinnamon and sugar).

For those seeking a more complex dish, you could choose a deep fried piece of chicken sandwiched between two Krispy Kreme donuts or jalapeno peppers, wrapped in bacon, and then deep fried.

Or for the less adventurous and more health-minded, the best choice was probably the $3 bottle of water.


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  1. […] The Puyallup Fair dabbles on the edge of what I would consider a state fair. It has 4-H exhibits, but primarily what’s exhibited is cats (I’m not making this up) and artwork by local students. They have enormous pumpkins and elaborate displays by local granges, but only a few tables of vegetables. For the most part, they have booths for agriculture groups, gardening clubs, local and government agencies, commercial exhibits (i.e. magic pots, knives, cleaning products, pain relief remedies, rain gutters and roofing, freeze dried mixes, and of course, snake oil disguised as health remedies), carnival rides, petting zoo, entertainment, and ghastly food, including deep fried butter. […]

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