Marketing From the Grocery Aisle: What You Walk on Matters

Type of flooring affects buying behavior

Martin Lindstrom, author of Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulated Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy, recently wrote in TIME magazine about how using upscale parquet-like floor tiles creates a clickety-clack sound when customers pushed their shopping carts over it.1As a result, the speed in which shoppers scurried down the aisle noticeably slowed, and they were more inclined to look around and make unplanned purchases.


Anyone who’s “worked” a trade show knows having plush carpet in your booth results in visitors spending more time checking out what you’re offering or maybe striking up a conversation with those in the booth. The same holds true for comfy carpeting in furniture, clothing, and home interior stores. If yobecker-architectural-concrete_23115ur feet feel good, you’re more inclined to slow down, look around, and be more amendable to what’s being offered.

In the same vein, more expensive flooring, like marble, wood, and terrazzo, convey quality and luxury. Even blindfolded, a person could probably differentiate what it feels like to walk across the lobby of a Motel 6 versus a Hilton or Four Seasons.

Similarly, striding down the sidewalks of a strip mall isn’t going to feel the same as strolling in an upscale shopping center with polished stone floors or the rough plank flooring in a warehouse that’s been renovated to house chic shops.

While you can’t always change the floor, which leads up to your establishment, you can update your flooring. Even staining and polishing a concrete floor can make a difference.

And the next time your in your local grocery story, take a look at the flooring in their wine, bakery or prepared meals area. Chances are it’s different than the flooring in the rest of the store.

 Zones of Seduction. How supermarkets turn shoppers into horders,”  TIME, Martin Lindstrom, November 7, 2011


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