Marketing From the Grocery Aisle: Observing Shoppers with Kinect

What you take off the shelf is tracked

The next time you reach for a product on a grocery shelf, you might want to look up and see whether you’re being watched by a Kinect sensor. Agile Router, an Argentinian company, recently introduced a product called Shopper Tracker, which captures and analyzes customer movements to identify and improve traffic flow based on the products touched and removed by customers.1

With Shopper Tracker, multiple shoppers can be tracked simultaneously, creating heat maps, which pinpoint the foods and shelves, which are most popular with shoppers.

While there’s initial setup cost to set up the system, it’s less expensive and more accurate than having paid observers and equipment, which can influence rather than observe shoppers behavior.

Watch the video

1 Shopper Tracker’s Kinect Hack is Like Google Analytics for Retail Store Shelves,” Techcrunch, Josh Constine, December 5, 2011


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