Most businesses, especially today, are customer driven. Gone are the days when you could promote a product or services, and customers cheerfully and unwittingly handed you a credit cards. Consumers are now in control with the abundance of information on the Internet to do research, read reviews, compare prices, discuss in forums, and decide whether […]

Recently, I moved to Whidbey Island where a large naval air station is located. On a regular basis, fighter jets (EA-18G Growler) zoom over my house. Unless I’m looking up at the right moment, and it’s a clear day, I don’t see them pass until they ‘re miles away, and the roar of their engines […]

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Recently, as a requirement for a job application, I was asked to choose a favorite appliance, and then write a brand, market and competitive analysis. I chose to write about my KitchenAid stand mixer, which I compared to a similar Cuisinart stand mixer. While writing, it occurred to me my perception of these product was […]

For the past few months, I’ve been consolidating “stuff” from two different houses, along with merging “stuff” from my deceased grandmother, mother, and my husband’s parents. As the comedian George Carlin once said, “That the whole meaning of life isn’t it. Trying to find a place for your stuff.” Yesterday, I stumbled across a booklet […]

A new concept for marketing food where customer’s bring their own counters and purchase just what they need.

I’ve been doing marketing for a long time, and every year, it gets more challenging and demanding. The basic work of developing convincing messaging, writing and developing communications, and identifying and reaching prospect audiences remains somewhat the same. What’s changed is the increased focus on measuring every possible customer interaction, and thereby make decisions based […]

(Originally written for Quora in response to the question “What is the best marketing strategy that you have every heard of?”) There is no “best” strategy because every business, organization, and institution is different. A brilliant strategy for one company might be disastrous for another. Trending in the news is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. […]

This political season is not only memorable because of the potpourri of candidates, but surfacing of issues, which cause consternation and incite prickly protests. One issue that has percolated to the top is the minimum wage, and income equality. One side vehemently defends corporations and small businesses, saying raising wages will jeopardize their ability to […]

Earlier this week, my husband and I were shopping for Easter candy. My husband spied Peeps, and commented we needed to buy them. I asked why, and he said “Because you like them.” Truth be told, I don’t particularly care for Peeps. However, they make me euphorically happy, recalling how my husband hid them in […]

Reeling in customers to purchase your products and services has risen to a science, starting with the lure, proceeding with progressively more enticing bait, and concluding with the capture or sale. Drawing potential customers into the funnel, and nurturing them through marketing automation can take anywhere from days to months or even years for large […]