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I recently worked on a project that exposed me to a stack of hardware and software, which includes an open-source framework, called Hadoop. Curious, I looked up the company and was surprised to find their logo is a caricature of an elephant. A yellow elephant. Doug Cutting, the founder of Hadoop, named the company after […]

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned in Pushing Pause on Technology, around 66% of people suffer from nomophobia, fear of being without a smart or cellular phone. In a relatively short period of time, mobile phones have become as important as a pacemaker, controlling the rhythm of our lives from making calls to responding to […]

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Visiting various websites – whether on my PC or smart phone — is starting to feel like dystopia Los Angeles from the movie Blade Runner. Static ads are intermingled with articles. Giant banners frame the tops of pages with columns of smaller ads along both sides. If I scroll to read the rest of a […]

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I’m musically dysfunctional. My shower cringes when I squeak-out a tune, and I wouldn’t know an A note from a G. I find it mystifying, therefore, how a musician can compose an original melody given the amount of music written since the dawn of man. The reality is composers create new pieces, which both leverage […]

Less than two days ago, the word “covfefe” entered the English lexicon. This article isn’t about its origin or imaginary meaning, but how one word triggered hundreds of thousands of responses on social media, by the media, and at water coolers. A quick search on Google shows 5,830,000 results for a word that didn’t exist […]

Most businesses, especially today, are customer driven. Gone are the days when you could promote a product or services, and customers cheerfully and unwittingly handed you a credit cards. Consumers are now in control with the abundance of information on the Internet to do research, read reviews, compare prices, discuss in forums, and decide whether […]

Recently, I moved to Whidbey Island where a large naval air station is located. On a regular basis, fighter jets (EA-18G Growler) zoom over my house. Unless I’m looking up at the right moment, and it’s a clear day, I don’t see them pass until they ‘re miles away, and the roar of their engines […]

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Recently, as a requirement for a job application, I was asked to choose a favorite appliance, and then write a brand, market and competitive analysis. I chose to write about my KitchenAid stand mixer, which I compared to a similar Cuisinart stand mixer. While writing, it occurred to me my perception of these product was […]

For the past few months, I’ve been consolidating “stuff” from two different houses, along with merging “stuff” from my deceased grandmother, mother, and my husband’s parents. As the comedian George Carlin once said, “That the whole meaning of life isn’t it. Trying to find a place for your stuff.” Yesterday, I stumbled across a booklet […]

A new concept for marketing food where customer’s bring their own counters and purchase just what they need.